Charley Rangel, was sent back to Congress by Harlem voters on November 2. It is clear that he has bamboozled his constituents into believing he is working for someone other than Charley Rangel. He had an intelligent opponent who for some unexplained reason came in second to this 80-year-old man who should have long ago retired, except for all the perks he continues to receive as a U.S. Congressman. He has been indicted on 13 counts of questionable behavior, all of them not as significant as his failure to pay taxes. Rangel has sat on the committee that writes the tax laws. He has asked for a speedy trial which he believes will vindicate him. Unfortunately, his former attorneys, allegedly wished to get paid and that created a problem for Rangel. His trial by the Ethics Committee of the House began yesterday, during which time Rangel attempted to play the role of victim and left the proceedings claiming he had not enough time to find new counsel. However, the Committee decided to continue without him, stating that Rangel had sufficient time to achieve that purpose. If not already, when will Rangel bring race into the picture? If not he, I am certain someone else will. The arrogance of Charles Rangel is just another example of the manner in which so many members of Congress past and present treat the American public with disdain, obviously believing that they are above reproach and the law. It will be interesting to see if Rangel, if found guilty, will receive more than a slap on the hand, and be forced to retire.


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