The House Ethics Panel, without the presence of Charley Rangel, found the Harlem Congressman guilty of 11 of 13 counts. They will now send their recommendations regarding actions to be taken by the full House. Is it possible for the House of Representatives to look past the color of the accused and come with an appropriate punishment for the crime(s) or will we again replay the usual Civil Rights melodrama where, as Leonard Bernstein wrote in West Side Story, “he was depraved because he was deprived”. Charley Rangel deserves an honest reward for the “illegal” rewards he has bestowed upon himself. As Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, he knew better, but according to the Ethics Panel chose to ignore the rules to enrich himself.



  1. Very well written but I fear that Mr. Rangle will probably once again escape from any penalty that would put any one of us in prison. His 80 percent re-election win two weeks ago will most assuradly cause this tribune to take the easy-out and provide him with nothing more than a repremand. I’m taking bets. Carl

    • But, wouldn’t you just like to celebrate the fact that there are people in Congress willing to give him everything he deserves. This, of course does not include what he has already taken

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