As discussed in a previous post, Obama’s false mea culpa on Wednesday after Democrats sustained a deserved loss in the midterm elections, his press conference did not even suggest that he knows what he is talking about. Now almost a week later, after he has been on 60 Minutes, gave his Saturday radio talk, and spoken to the Indian Parliament, it is very clear that Obama remains clueless as to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’s DISLIKE of ALL of his policies. He continues to explain it away by stating that he did not communicate well to the people. Oh, he communicated far too much and far too often, since the American people have such a distaste for him and his form of Socialism that they rejected as many democrats that they could at the polls. Some like Reid did sneak a victory under suspicious circumstances. But Obama still does not get it, and Obama will not get it because, he has been made to believe by his handlers that he is above it all, particularly above the “stupid” American public.

He sat for an interview for 60 Minutes, broadcast Sunday where he continued to talk at cross purposes, rejecting and or refining things he spoke prior to the CBS airing. During his moments of “reflective pain” at the press conference, he spoke of wishing to meet with the Republicans to discuss issues that might require compromise. Then during the 60 Minute episode, he stressed that he planned no compromise regarding Health Care because people just did not understand it. He wavered regarding the extension of the Bush tax cuts. He cannot speak of the Obama tax cuts because there weren’t any. But there were plenty of sneaky tax increases. Americans are now seeing the increase cost of their premiums, and they will soon understand that food prices will be off the wall do to his nincompoop economic policies along with the cost of fuel. His answer will be to devalue the dollar and print more money. I would suggest you read a post of mine that dealt with the Weimar Republic. Recently Geithner, the tax cheat, sat with Jon Stewart, the comedian to discuss economics. I am surprised that Stewart was not asked to travel with them on the business trip to India where he could advise the world and share his expertise. Stewart is still a comedian and Obama and his group of para-abnormals are still just FOOLS.

The question is when will his advisers, the press and the people call him out for what he is. He is an ignorant man with no plan, unable to speak without prompters, with an agenda to ruin this country. I have said this over and over again. At some point it will register. He is incompetent and that should be enough reason for impeachment. He went to Harvard and Columbia? I would like to see some of his report cards. I GIVE HIM AN F Minus/Minus FOR THE DESTRUCTIVE JOB HE IS DOING TO THIS COUNTRY.

Pelosi today announced two (victory?) parties to celebrate all of the legislature that did not save or create jobs, never saw anything shovel ready (except their verbage), kept an unemployment rate at 9.6%, promoted a health care bill filled with lies and now increasing health insurance premiums, promoted a greening of the world based upon made up information(Thank you Al Gore), increased the price of food and fuel, effectively promoted foreclosures all over this country, attempted closure on all opposition including cable TV and talk show radio hosts, never cleaned the Washington swamp (she is the chief denizen), overspent on stimulus that went to such effective products as teaching African men how to wash their genitals, allowed for more earmark waste than any Congress before the 111th, and provided all of the impetus to make the American people understand how they were being ignored to fire, discharge,and pink slip so many democrats last Tuesday. Despite all of this, this IDIOT FROM SAN FRANCISCO REALLY BELIEVES THAT SHE ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW BETTER.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama will be remembered as a president significantly worse than Jimmy Carter. Despite the degree of difficulty, Obama has already accomplished this. This might upset the narcissist from who knows where.

Is it possible that the eruption of a volcano in Indonesia at the moment that Obama is delivering another mea culpa, might be God’s way of stating that HE (sorry gals) that is not pleased with Obama or the world in general.

It is most amazing that Obama really believes that he has the understanding and support of all of the major powers. He is delusional or does not care. Obama has become that Caesar during the declining years of the once mighty Roman Empire. Actually, I believe that Germany, England, Russia, the rest of Europe and the Middle East, consider him a fool. Is this how America wishes its leaders to be viewed? I would doubt that. HE IS IMPEACHABLE. DO IT NOW!



  1. akline says:

    excellent post….hope lots of people read it

  2. Carl says:

    I for one am hoping that the Dem’s retain Nancy Polosi as the minority speaker. She’s exactly what this country deserves and she could conceiveably cost the Dem’s the entire 2013 national elections. YOU GO GIRL…. LOVE WHAT YOU’RE DOING…. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

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