According to Wikipedia, the origin of the term “lame duck” dates back to 18th century England where an individual reneged on a debt. With regard to officials who failed in their re-election bid, it specifically refers to the fact that as a lame duck, they, along with still seated members of their party, can produce offensive legislation without fear of retribution.

This could be a false assumption however, since what they do now in their lame duck session will be remembered by the same American people in November 2012. There will be retribution then if any of these individuals seek office at that time. They will not forget the impact of theirs and the president’s policies of the past two years, that has led to a significant House Cleaning.

We have seen what the Democrats have done to destroy our country and are aware of the potential maliciousness of Pelosi and Reid and the rest of the democratic horde to continue to do more damage while they can, as lame ducks. None of them are to be trusted to perform their duties in a professional well meaning sense for the benefit of America.


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