The almost de-functioning Speaker of the House, pelosi must,at some times reflect upon what legacy, based upon her achievements she leaves to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I have elected to go beyond the current because all of them have no choice but to enjoy or reject what this liberal, San Fransisco woman as done to California and America , most likely without suffering any negative effect to her and her family’s accumulation of wealth. If there ever was anything positive about her contributions, they were devalued by her obsessive allegiance to Obama, and where the people of both the U.S. and California were never significant enough for her to think about the legislation she blindly pressed forward. She will go down in history as the first female Speaker. Everything else about her has been a disaster. Unfortunately, we must absorb all of her suspect legislature until the bulk can be repealed. The bottom line is that Pelosi’s family will have nothing to make them proud of her. SHE WAS, AND IS AND WILL BE FOREVER REMEMBERED AS A DISASTER TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


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