The manner in which matthews demeaned Michelle Bachman on election eve is reason enough for the bosses who pay his salary to FIRE HIM NOW!. Even Rick Sanchez’ comments were not as inflammatory and disrespectful as matthews treatment of a sitting member of Congress.

matthews is a fool in the manner of the idiots who wore the pointed belled hats and frollicked around the various kings of Europe. Well Obama is not a king despite his yearning but mattthews is certainly a fool.

We speak of the election as a rebuke of Obama and the democratic policies, but it is also a rebuke of the BIASED MEDIA led by such as matthews et al. Thank you biased media for helping the Republican cause. It is just the kind of reporting? exemplified by matthews and the rest of the NBC flunkies that has angered the American people.

What we are really hearing from TINGLE PRONE matthews is the sourest of grapes because he could not influence the election to suit his own purpose. Certainly pure journalism has all but disappeared from the scene. One has to wonder if this once respected pursuit is being coloured and distorted in the colleges and universities where it is still being taught. Hopefully who ever mentored matthews is long gone from the scene. America does not need another chris matthews.


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