barney frank and charles rangel: RE-ELECTED TO CONGRESS

I spent my college years in Massachusetts and as a Yankee fan found Ted Williams to be an amazing athlete, despite the Red Sox being a gnat in the American League scheme of things for so many years. They proved they were champions by coming back from certain defeat in 2004 to ultimately win the big prize. That being said about a state that has in the past provided superb medical care at the Brigham, produced genius at M.I.T, and allegedly sent us via Harvard the current president, has sent barney frank back to congress, despite his disservice, his culpability in the mortgage disaster that has led to our self-destructing economy. Based upon his performance and ultimate mea culpa, frank should have been sent out to pasture, but it would seem that while I care less for his sexual preferences, the many who voted for him felt that they were more important than what this blob of ignorance has done to America. It is one thing to be Liberal. It is another to espouse blatant stupidity. Every one in frank’s district who voted for him is in dire need of a frontal lobotomy.

Charley Rangel will go down in history with all of the jailed or convicted politicians, white and black, who while either serving a sentence or awaiting trial were re-elected to Congress. This is just an other example of people, perhaps legally entitled to vote, who have sent back an individual to Washington, based purely upon race and not performance. There are so many honest black politicians in Harlem, it was a travesty to send Rangel back to do more damage. Who can account for all of the stupid people in this country. After all the majority of blacks voted for Obama because he was black. There was never any other consideration. This is fact and not fiction.


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