This afternoon Obama gave a press conference, one of two since elected, where he appeared to be humble and conciliatory. Sorry, but I cannot buy anything that he said, since this man just does not get it. He will never get it. He does not choose to get it. Yesterday’s overwhelming Republican victory was a clear repudiation of ALL OF HIS POLICIES. It is not that he is clueless or tone deaf, but a matter of his personal ideology and the group Leftists to whom he owes allegiance. The Republicans were given a mandate by the people, not to compromise, but to remove any and all of the most noxious pieces of legislation forced upon the American people despite their clear objections. The must be no compromise on earmarks, cap and trade, the health law, bailouts, further distribution of stimulus money and spending must be halted. The government plans to monetize or devalue the dollar today. See what a loaf of bread will cost as a result. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN AND OBAMA HAD BETTER LISTEN WITH THOSE EARS OF HIS OR HE WILL BE A LAME DUCK PRESIDENT FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS.

The first business to be dealt with is the extension of the Bush tax cuts for every American. If Obama is willing to demonstrate leadership and give evidence that he is listening to the American people, he will extend the tax cuts so that small businesses can now begin to hire and once again, produce, and the uncertainty of January 2011 will be removed. This will not be Obama’s tax relief, it remains under the name of George W. Bush.

The other best thing that occurred last night was the firing of Nancy Pelosi. Her tenure as Speaker of the House would seem to have been brought to the American people by the American Psychiatric Institute for Bi-Polar Studies.


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