For most of the Congress the use of the word earn is an oxymoron, however has any one ever called any of them to task demanding that they disclose their actual take home pay including perks. According to government information, the average salary of a member Congress is $174,000. The Speaker of the House receives $223,500, and both minority leaders of the House and Senate receive $193,400. It is clear we are wasting our money on Pelosi, Reid and Hoyer. It would seem that every president and vice president must disclose and divest themselves of associations with companies with whom they have done business. Why is our Congress immune from such disclosures? Is it the case that the biased media might demand that information from Republicans and not Democrats? You make the call. The American people should demand from the 111th and the incoming 112th Congress, full disclosure of their total salaries, including monies earned by virtue of bills introduced and voted upon, moneys from lobbyists, pensions (they are vested after 5 years), perks, petty? cash and health insurance. There should be full disclosure regarding all relatives to whom they pay salaries and the nature of their jobs. Additionally all monies not spent for their Congressional races must be reported and used for purposes other than lining their pockets. This is appropriate for the president as well. OBAMA PROMISED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TRANSPARENCY. A PROMISE AMONG MANY NEVER KEPT. WE WANT THE CONGRESS TO BE FULLY TRANSPARENT REGARDING THE ABOVE.



  1. Cally Davies says:

    Thanks for the info. you are very helpful.

  2. ebooks says:

    I love your posts. Awsome resource.

    • I am accepting your comment, which incidentally was tossed into spam, to determine if there was more substance. I would appreciate your being specific regarding my posts, my opinions, and how you feel about the way our government is leading or not leading us into chaos. To agree or disagree, would not be the issue, but to provide your reasons, one way or the other, is imperative to keep dialogue moving. Nothing is ever gained when one party of the debate stands mute. So, to be blunt…PUT UP OR SHUT UP! I have repeatedly received comments that were placed into spam, But after reading them, askl for logical reasons for positions people hold. In almost 99% of the cases. none of the detractors could come up with factual or logical objections. Emotional reasons while not acceptable objections were plentiful, however. Keep your emotions to yourself. They do not save lives or money.

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