In the Walt Disney movie Pinocchio taken from a book by the same name, the wooden boy is under the influence of the evil Stromboli who despite the absence of strings forces him to do his bidding. While I realize that this is a stretch, we have to wonder now that Emanuel has fled the disaster he was once a part of, who is operating Obama’s strings. It has become clear that Obama is just a figurehead, someone who could win an election, making him the first black president of this country. This certainly appealed to the young people who for the moment could afford to embrace his promises and vote him into office, because “things were going to change”. Soros and Media matters (it doesn’t really) and Move On.org and the array of communists and radicals whether by choice or other, from whom Obama has accepted council are the movers and shakers that whisper into his ear and control the teleprompters, and his strings, without which he tends to mis-speak rivaled only by Biden. When Obama sans teleprompter, speaking to a group of Hispanics, told them, that they must fight the enemy, clearly the Republicans and or Tea Party people, he made the mistake of calling the American people, THE ENEMY.

Now, a few days later after spending OUR MONEY for partisan political purposes to fly from one potential democratic defeat to another, he has semi retracted his statement. Nevertheless, it stands and will be remembered. He did not mis-speak. HE MEANT WHAT HE SAID AND SAID WHAT HE MEANT. (THANK YOU DR. SEUSS). At what point will Soros et al find Obama a liability? When will Obama realize that he is being used. Realistically, it matters not since, while he will be a one-term president, he will make more money with books and speeches from 2012 onward and will not be willing to share any of it with the “poor and deprived”.

In the meantime, he is in the process of creating inflation, devaluing the dollar, and forcing this country deeper and deeper into debt. Check your food prices now. Have you noticed that fuel prices have been creeping up slowly to make them more tolerable. Soon everyone will be on food stamps with Obama the messiah, coming to the rescue with more hand outs and bailouts. However it will and has already impacted upon the price of things we need and daily use. The American people will today send him the message that no longer will his totalitarianism be tolerated and he will now have to deal with a Congress more honorable, and less giving than the one ceding power.


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