Despite denials from the leadership of the Democratic party, Tuesday’s election will prove to be a vote against Obama for the following reasons:

1. Excessive spending by virtue of bailouts, stimulus and the ultimate cost of health care law.
2. A clear demand by the majority of the American people to repeal Obamacare
3. One of many virtual lies regarding Global warming solely for the purpose of encouraging Cap and Trade, thus driving up the cost of energy and increased loss of jobs.
4. His failure to keep all campaign promises except the one of “fundamental change” that he has been pursuing for the specific purpose of turning America into a Socialist state.
5. Lack of transparency regarding the hidden dealings behind the scenes between Obama and a series of Czars never vetted or approved by Congress.
6. Obama’s lies about that which is “shovel ready” regarding stimulus monies. Lies regarding health care. More Lies regarding the Stimulus.
7. The misrepresentation(LIES) regarding terms like “jobs saved and created.”
8. Appointing a person to be Treasury Secretary who failed to pay his taxes.
9. Never taking any responsibility for his own actions and instead blaming previous administration despite the fact the democrats have been in control since 2007 and he since 2009.
10. Too comfortable associations with unions such as AFL-CIO and SEIU where excessive amounts of monies seem to pass back and forth in a massive quid pro quo. And where the union members are literally held captive by their leaders who enjoy a life style significantly far more lavish than the members who foolishly support them.
11. Failure to show leadership with regard to foreign policy, dealing with Iran, North Korea and failing to show Israel the deserved friendship in turn for keeping the Middle East from totally igniting.
12. Apologizing for America for no other reason, except he seems to have no concept of what it is to be an American. I wonder why?
13. Spending more time in his wanderings to promote Democratic candidates than spending time at the White House doing the job he was presumably but now doubtfully elected to do.
14. Contributing to the daily interference with the lives of the American people by allowing non elected officials such as his wife to make and force policy despite one bit of experience in the areas in which she has involved herself.
15. Creating an environment based upon the teachings of radical and former terrorist mentors by following their precepts regarding how to implode the American economy from within.
16. Never sharing legitimate evidence of his place of birth, his school or medical records.

Now to his accomplishments that would make the majority of American’s proud. Only democrats who lack original thought would disagree……………………….



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