On Tuesday, election day, America will be called upon to exercise a right still not provided to their citizens in some countries in this world of ours. It is the right to vote your conscience after careful evaluation of the candidates, their policies, their voting records if applicable and not just to unconsciously pull a lever for party and not principle. The election has already been tainted by the same people who tried/succeeded in interfering with the 2008 electoral process as evidenced in Philadelphia, Indiana and Nevada to mention just a few. ACORN, Obama’s pet FRAUD, was alleged to be complicit in having convicts currently serving terms in prison assist in the registering and get out to vote process. Illegal aliens are canvassing voters in California. With early voting in Nevada, people have already found themselves disenfranchised with evidence of tampering with the voting machines, Harry Reid’s name already having been checked off before they voted. Under the eye of Nevada’s Secretary of State, the people assigned to correct issues with voting machines are members of SEIU, the recipient of huge numbers of Federal dollars. Union members have complained that their bosses have insisted to watch who they vote for. People there have complained that there have been attempts to compromise their vote In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where some 500 fraudulent ballots have been discovered where voters signatures have been illegally placed on requests for absentee ballots. Similar cases have been exposed in Florida. It seems that the Democrats will do anything to prevent more honest politicians from being elected. Is this just a power struggle on their part to retain all of the perks they currently enjoy? I cannot believe that the majority of Democrats accept and believe all of the president’s lies regarding his/their accomplishments. Democrats, high in the party’s echelon have attempted to convince candidates, running behind to drop out and pave the way for turncoats or temporary independents to collect their votes. This should just further the American people. Obama pledged, transparency, no earmarks, no business as usual, and to fundamentally change the face of this country. To date the only thing he has accomplished is the latter, since he has followed the proscribed methods outlined by his Czars and Socialist/Communist mentors to destroy the economy of this country.

Americans have clearly shown their anxiety and anger and are determined to make a change for the better not worse. Worse would mean re-electing, the Reids, the Boxers, the Franks, and electing people such as Sestac and Blumenthal, where more of our freedoms will be lost as they shred the Constitution. We need more Conservative thinking people in Washington, and if they are elected and do not do the job, by compromising with Obama on issues such as Health Care, Energy, Stimulus, Bailout and further spend driving the debt up, they too will understand the vote of the electorate.

On Tuesday, regardless of weather or other requirements of you time, it is imperative that every American dissatisfied with the current destructive Washington politics, the lack of leadership by a president, clearly unfit for the job, more Republicans than Democrats must be elected to Congress to return the CHECKS and BALANCES that the writers of our Constitution had understood to be vital and critical to representative government.


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