In a cartoon no longer published in the newspapers, a small possum named Pogo was been quoted as saying “we have met the enemy and they are us.” This has been so true as represented in present time by the people who voted Obama into office and have up until this time tolerated all of the deceit and disdain he has had for the American people, along with B. Clinton and J. Biden. In a recent speech, part of which has already been reported on with regard to Obama’s racial epithet relegating Republicans to the “back of the bus” , he also spewed more vitriol, because he now realizes that the majority of America is fed up with his lies, unfulfilled promises and failed policies, called upon Hispanics to fight back against the enemy. One must assume that his enemy are those members of the Tea Party, Conservatives, both Democrats and Republicans and any one who disagrees with him as a person and as an elected official. In other words 70% of the American people. He has done disservice to his office, to his oath to protect the Constitution, to values Americans have held since the founding of this great country in an effort to fulfill an agenda initially hidden because of the absence of promised transparency, but now obvious to most, to collapse the economy of the United States from within. Those fools who rejected any suggestion that Obama might not have been eligible to even run for the presidency should be made complicit in abetting his failure to provide a birth certificate, medical records and evidence of matriculation at the schools he claims he attended. Hopefully after Tuesday’s rejection of him as president and all the legislators who partnered with Pelosi and Reid to create the dire situation in which this country now finds itself, the checks and balances provided in the U.S. Constitution will be restored.


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