TEDDY ROOSEVELT might be considered the first Progressive President in the United States. Obama, hopefully will be the last progressive president as he is rejected in 2012 by all of the American people who know now, how inadequate, and unprepared this man, from who knows where, was and is to be president of the United States. Teddy said one should talk softly and carry a big stick. Obama rushes all over the United States at our expense to rally the rats deserting his ship with empty slogans, idiotic platitudes and a lot of manure worthy of the stimulus for “shovel ready”. In all of his speeches there was not one mea culpa, but there was a lot of “GEORGE DID IT!” He never was seen with a big stick, but his big mouth certainly is always in evidence. I am unaware if Teddy Roosevelt ever told a lie. We can be assured that Obama has never told the truth, at least to the American people with regard to Health Care, Cap and Trade, Stimulus, Bailouts, Immigration and on and on it goes. In a speech this past week, Obama said that it was all right if Republicans would like to join with the Democrats but they would have to “SIT IN THE BACK”. The bobble headed fools whom stand behind Obama at every speech or rally, giggled with an intensity that it was wondered whether they might have had a Chris Matthews moment. By the way, who foots the bill for this ingenuous crowd? If a Republican had said what Obama said, there would be screaming from the biased media about it being a racist remark. Perhaps one should remind Obama of the late civil rights activist Rosa Parks who on the BUS, REFUSED TO SIT IN THE BACK. Obama, like a chameleon will take on whatever color that seems politically expedient for the time and the place and the moment.

Teddy Roosevelt despite ill-health, (he suffered from asthma) rose above it, became a champion of our west and when called upon brought his Rough Riders to Cuba in the Spanish American War. Let’s see, now what has Obama done for America? Upon arriving at the White House he appointed without clearance by Congress a horde of Czars, many of whom were and are communists, radicals, and socialists. Obama sat in a Christian? church for 20 years while the reverend Wright preached against white people, time and time again condemning the United States. Of course Obama just doesn’t recall any of that. He has, among his friends, William Ayers a former admitted terrorist who to this day says he would do it all over again or something to that effect. Obama knee jerked immediately and reacted to a situation in Massachusetts where a black professor was arrested by a white policeman. His answer was to have them both over to the White House for a beer with the genius we have for a vice-president. However, he was slow to react to the foiled Christmas bombing over Detroit while vacationing in his “State of Birth, Hawaii”? You ‘birthers’ ju ga ta believe him. He waited longer to act or react to the Gulf oil spill than George Bush did with Katrina. By the way Bush did fly down to New Orleans. I am trying to find a good comparison with Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt may have thought about it, as a progressive, but never got real chance to destroy the economy of this country. Woodrow Wilson gave it an exceptional go and Obama has been carrying on in his stead in an attempt to turn this country into a socialistic/communist state. So far he has nationalized/bailed out GM. He bailed out Wall Street, and he did it for Main Street. (How sick we have become of that phrase). The good thing is that he did not take it over, he just continued to take its money for political purposes. With the help of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Schumer, the housing and mortgage market collapsed and the thud was heard around the world. Obama may not have caused it, but he was in the Senate then, perhaps only voting present. Of course he has done nothing to help it and with all of that stimulus money(WHERE DID IT ALL REALLY GO? HE PUT BIDEN IN CHARGE OF THAT). Banks continue to fail every day. Thousands if not more foreclosure notices go up every day, and Obama’s answer is to drive up the debt further.

Since the Botoxed Speaker of the House came into power in 2007, the debt has increased by almost 5 Trillion Dollars. The day she assumed “the position, or was it the rest of us”, she stated that during her tenure the debt would not rise. Obama claimed that unemployment would not rise above 8 percent. I guess he missed that a bit. Actually it is in double digits and rising in many areas of the country. He, for a while used the terms jobs saved and created by the federal government, but then we all got wise to that. If unemployment applications go down during a month, even only by a few percentage points, he takes credit for that and some how those numbers fall into the jobs created list. His actuaries better use all ten toes next time. He along with the “GREENERS” and that huge jet flying, Nobel prize-winning, carbon credit collecting, Academy Award winning, palatial houses owning AL GORE ,have pushed a collection of nonsense known as Global Warming.(OBAMA ALSO GOT A NOBEL PRIZE, BUT NO ONE KNOWS FOR WHAT). This is something that India and China, might agree with in Hindi or Mandarin but give lip service to in dollars. So Obama pushed an expensive bit of legislation called Cap and Trade where Americans will pay a huge penalty (tax?) to spruce up their homes to some bureaucrat’s standards, to earn a posted GOLD STAR, that will be required at the seller’s expense, before any sale could be finalized.

Obama said that he planned to fundamentally transform this country and claims that the price of gas might be prohibitive and one of his genius CZARS has stated that under those circumstances, people should live closer to their jobs. (WHAT JOBS?) Old Teddy never tried the next one, but cousin Franklin did and so did Hillary and Bill. But Obama LIED, TWISTED ARMS, PROMISED, LIED and his hatchet woman Pelosi got HEALTH CARE REFORM, fondly known as OBAMA CARE passed with few if any in Congress reading the bill. A Congressman from Michigan, a democrat showed his ignorance when he claimed that the bill was too long (2300 pages) and one would need a lawyer to interpret it. Yet the moron voted in favor of it along with enough democratic idiots to pass it. Then, according to Pelosi everyone would know what is in it and would like it. Well America is finding out what’s in it and America does not like it. In fact they hate it to a point America is willing to throw out every incumbent who voted for it. Obama declared that it would save money. Obama declared that you could keep your doctors and insurance plans. Obama declared there was no death panel. What he really wanted was the public option(HE WOULD WAIT PATIENTLY), but he and his henchman knew that once the bill was passed, health insurance rates would skyrocket, and small and large businesses would not be able to afford to continue to provide insurance to their workers despite the threat of penalty (TAX) that would turn out to be the lesser cost. But this also affects people who buy their own health insurance and when the cost become prohibitive they will be forced to drop out and join the Medicaid ranks. Not a problem. If you were say McDonalds and were prepared to drop 30,000 employee’s insurance, just ask Obama for a “STAY” and you along with the UNIONS, will get one. Keeping one’s doctor would become problem because the reimbursements would drop to a point where it would not pay for the doctor to put his key in the office door, so the older docs would retire early and America would start to enjoy longer waits for visits, surgeries and cancer care. The once magnificent health care provided by the physicians in this country would drastically drop in quality and the potential would be there for the mortality rate to rise helped along by the bureaucrats assigned by the Health and Human Services secretary to reduce services to the sick and elderly based upon cost effectiveness. Gee, didn’t one of Obama’s Czars think this was a good thing to do? THE DEATH PANEL OR CALL IT WHAT YOU WILL.

What good things can we say about the stimulus? Unless you want to LIE, THERE IS NOTHING TO SAY THAT IS GOOD. Obama did send a handful of people to New Mexico and Arizona to do something about the borders that were being overrun by drug gangs and murderers. Well, they put up signs we all paid for that said that the area was dangerous. GOOD THINKING, NAPOLITANO. Obama’s answer to the Governor of Arizona’s illegal alien legislation was to sue her and the state. NOW WE DON’T WANT TO OFFEND ALL OF THOSE POTENTIAL NEW VOTERS, mostly hispanic who might rush to citizenship via Amnesty. Unless they could fall into the “you can vote in local elections” whether you are legal or not category. I guess if all of the illegals took the time to approach citizenship the correct and legal way, they might have time to realize what bastards the democrats were and vote Republican. In less than a week, the midterm elections will determine whether this country’s ship is righted and placed on a corrected course. Teddy Roosevelt spoke from what he called a BULLY PULPIT. OBAMA IS JUST A BULLY. So much for a comparison between the two. NEXT WEEK, DO THE RIGHT THING. VOTE WORTHY PEOPLE INTO OFFICE AND REJECT THOSE WHO HAVE NOT PERFORMED THEIR DUTIES WITH INTEGRITY, HONOR, MORALITY, DECENCY, AND WHO WILL BOTH VOW TO AND DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTION SO HELP THEM GOD.



  1. Dash Sperling says:

    You should really conduct a fact check on all of your information…may want to research the roughriders effect on the outcome of the Spanish-American war..

    • Really, well please correct what you consider inaccurate and while you are at it explain why you ignored the main thrust of the blog. I reviewed my source material and the one line that you chose to find fault with, actually was not incorrect. I hope you were able to read the rest of the post.

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