NPR although always a Liberal voice of Leftist propaganda, has been funded by tax payer money. It is time this policy is stopped and I would even go so far to suggest that moneys expended be returned. Since NPR appears to have become a tool of George Soros by virtue of his generous contributions, there should be plenty of money to return to the American people. When ACORN so offended this country by its actions, funding to that organization was cut off. So should it be with NPR. The recent firing of Juan Williams for using his 1st Amendment right (THIS IS A RIGHT. HEALTH CARE IS NOT) underscores the influence of the extremists in CAIR to make policy for a so-called public radio system forcing it to provide one view only. The good news is that there are conscientious Muslims who live here and love this country, and are now speaking out against the extremist factions that would divide and slaughter Americans as they did on 9/11/2001. More Americans than not, can identify with the feelings Juan Williams expressed and will continue to do so. It is the responsibility of Muslim Americans to stand up and be counted among those who will condemn and not silently condone the irrational behavior and deadly acts of those who would kill in the name of Islam. Obama and his horde would readily silence conservative radio, if given the opportunity. Radio stations that provide propaganda that only Goebbels would embrace should not be funded by taxpayer money. IT IS TIME TO STOP THE FUNDING NOW!!!!!!!!!



  1. carl says:

    While on the subject of NPR and all of it’s cronies, might we add the names of Alan Chartock and Congressman Maurice Hinchey of recent “melt down fame”? Chartock’s interviews with Hinchey on WMAC are little more than campaign retoric of a soft-ball nature, and it’s quite obvious that these two joined-at-the-hip democrats have only one purpose; that being to milk the public treasury and feed their personal egos and piggy banks. Enough already !
    Defund NPR and WAMC in Albany – and unseat Maurice Hinchey before what’s left of his brain totally fries.

  2. What exactly are you commenting on? Failure to respond will lead to deletion

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