As noted in a previous post I have been a life long fan of the Yankees. Sadly I have little faith in their winning either today or at the next game in Texas if their is next game. The Texas Rangers are a better team despite having a mediocre manager, and they have never won a championship series such as is within their grasp. On the other hand the Yankees are aging and no longer have the aggressive spirit they demonstrated in the past. The eighth inning superiority they showed in Texas was a fluke. They have blown chances leaving too many men on base. Since we are in the post season now, no one can fault A.J. Burnett for his performance anymore than Andy Pettite. These are human beings who make mistakes that other players monopolize on. The main thing is that the Rangers are hungry for wins and they have the drive that could be propelled forward by one major star pitcher and a few yet to make the grade. They have the offense and defense to win and their bull pen has not let them down. So for the Yankees, it will be the old Brooklyn Dodger cry “WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR”. However the general manager and ownership of the Yankees must take a hard look at who should be kept on the roster. I would love to eat my words.



  1. Chris Ross says:

    I really hope that the Rangers can pull it out in Game 6. I have always been a Yankee hater but just the booing of A.J. Burnett in game 4 has really put it over the top for me about wanting the Yankees to lose. How the hell can you boo your team that just won the world series last season? Seriously? The Yankees have a very good team, but again I don’t think their pitching is enough so hopefully we can see a Rangers-Phillies final so at least there is one interesting team. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say.

    • As I said I have been a Yankee fan for longer than I care to remember. Went to the old stadium when Stengel managed and they could do nothing but win. Sorrowed through the many lean years and how great was the time from 1995 on. I love when they win, and now shrug when they lose. They won tonight but reality tells me that their chances of getting to the series is remote, and if they did Philadelphia is far stronger than they were last year…that is assuming they beat the Giants. I don’t “hate” any team. That is childish nonsense since no player of any team be it football or baseball has done anything to me and I would guess to you. However from your picture, I have a few years on you and perhaps it’s an expression of your youth. If Texas wins tomorrow, it will be because they had the better team and deserved to win. Of course, I would like to be proven wrong. You might wish to go to your video store or Netflix and rent a movie called “Damn Yankees”. It has to do with a series of games played with the Yankees and the Old Washington Senators who ultimately became the Texas Rangers. It’s fun and well worth the watch and to listen to the music. Try it you might like it.

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