With just 15 days remaining before the rest of the country votes in the midterm election (that is all who have received absentee ballots as well: ooops that seems to have been a slight oversight in some states), it would be appropriate to review obama’s accomplishments or lack of, depending upon your point of view. (sic and there are the very SICK: most of whom will vote democratic for all of the free things they were promised. We normally refer to our president as commander-in-chief, but in obama’s case he has earned the respect of very few at least according to opinion polls regarding the job he has done. IT HAS BEEN A VERY POOR JOB, AND WITH REGARD TO TRANSPARENCY, HE WOULD BE BETTER KNOWN AS LIAR-IN-CHIEF, since that has become his daily portion and supported by flunkies like his press secretary. We all know that our armed forces can only respect this man as their leader. What they really feel about him is contained. Could this be the reason way absentee ballots that were to be sent to the troops from some states, will never reach them in time. Is this not just a selective process by the DNC to keep those in the military who might vote against democrats from their legal right to do so. Obama has managed to fly all over the country at our expense for political reasons but has yet to address the fact that so many of our members of the armed forces will be disenfranchised Why are the Liberals so suspect? Because their track record leaves nothing to the imagination of what illegal, disgusting, unconstitutional, arrogant means they might attempt to destroy the electoral process in an attempt to keep the Harry Reids, Barbara Boxers and B. Franks in office.

Grayson from Florida has been a prime example of negative campaigning against Dan Webster who now leads in the polls because the people are buying any of it. A dark cloud of suspicion hangs over the White House because the man who currently occupies it never offered or allowed his birth certificate to be made public. The American people, as is their right, have never seen any school records be they grade, college or graduate to be made public. The American people have never been allowed to view any medical records, perhaps from Chicago hospitals. Could there be anything in any of these documents that might have disallowed this man to reach the White House. The fact that he was an Afro-American(what does that really mean?) in no way made him eligible. The left in order to discredit anyone who still asks these questions calls them birthers. Perhaps they should be called people with honest concerns and legitimate questions.

So, who is he and what has he done. The former still remains a mystery other than the fact that the Illinois democratic community might had felt that they had the puppet they had longed for. obama was unknown. He was black(I think) and he could be manipulated by the correct (or left) people. From the “abyss” came this “light-skinned” individual who had a gift for gab whom the Chicago “group” could convince that he was the “AMERICAN MESSIAH”. To his advantage his ancestry and history were sufficiently clouded that his ability to look good and speak well ( to quote Biden) served him in good stead. So after a brief encounter with organizing a community( that could and should be taken in so many ways, obama went from obscurity in Chicago politics to the U.S. Senate. After a year and a half he had convinced the young people of this country that he was cool, the disadvantaged that everything would be free and that reasonable hope and change was on the way. Where were these people when he stated that he would fundamentally change this country. So a freshman Senator who voted present more often than not was elected president. This alone should not be construed as any kind of honor since the majority of liberal Senators in the current Congress have nothing to be proud of. As we watch the TV ads, we must understand that people like Schumer, who running for re-election has made no mention of the Democrats record or his contribution to the presidents poor economic policies. Some of the incumbents have voiced their disapproval of Pelosi and her tactics, but where were they politically when they cast their votes for health care et al .

Obama has taken responsibility for nothing blaming everything on George Bush. Obama stands at his podiums and lectures to the American people as if they were bad children. He lied about his relationship with reverend Wright. He lied about his relationship with AYERS. He lied about SHOVEL READY. He has lied about the ACTUAL COST OF HEALTH CARE. He has lied about PEOPLE KEEPING THEIR CURRENT INSURANCE. He gave too much comfort and support to ACORN. He has mismanaged the war in Afghanistan. He waited too many days before he took any action with regard to the GULF OIL SPILL. He vacationed during the days that the Nigerian bomber attempted to blow up a plane over Detroit. He has LIED IN SUPPORT OF GLOBAL WARMING. He spent tax payers money flying to Copenhagen in support of Chicago’s OLYMPIC QUEST. He has surrounded himself with radicals, communists, socialists, and from these people he has developed policy. He will toss out any number that comes to his head in an attempt to spin UNEMPLOYMENT AND, JOBS SAVED AND CREATED. This presidency was supposed to be TRANSPARENT, but is anything but. IT IS TIME TO REDUCE HIS EFFECTIVENESS AND PREVENT HIM FROM FURTHER DAMAGING THIS COUNTRY BY ELECTING MORE REPUBLICANS THAN DEMOCRATS ON NOVEMBER 2 to neutralize his power of veto. WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO EMPLOY THE CHECKS AND BALANCES THAT WERE INTENDED BY THE FRAMERS OF OUR CONSTITUTION, A DOCUMENT THAT OBAMA APPARENTLY WOULD LIKE TO RE-WRITE.


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