The president’s wife recently made a statement about her appreciation for people “helping to keep the spirits around them (The Obamas) clean “. Her exact meaning is unclear unless an exorcism is planned for the next White House gala. The biased Liberal press has ignored this completely, but they managed to ridicule and overstate Christine O’Connell’s admission of some brief interest in black magic as a sixteen year old. We are so pleased with Ms. Obama’s prayer circle. Hope it’s nothing that took place in Salem, Massachusetts, a few hundred years ago or might be associated with some questionable Haitian practices. If Michelle wiggled her nose, what do we assume might happen? Maybe all Republicans might disappear. Maybe all intelligent Americans might disappear. Last night, Wolf Blitzer, instead of moderating a debate verbally attacked the Republican candidate for Senator of Delaware. It is clear that while she may be young and naive, anything is better than the Communist she opposes in the election. Wolf Blitzer, what does he really contribute other than a mustache and a beard? Doesn’t he deserve a nose wiggle or two?

I am reminded, however that Hillary Clinton, as an adult and first lady admitted attempting to channel Eleanor Roosevelt’s spirit because she(Hillary) wanted to have a chat with the long dead first lady. Goodness, Eleanor was a Progressive wasn’t she? Therefore, I see little reason to single out O’Connell as a witch unless the press is willing to afford both Ms. Obama and Ms. Clinton the same appellation.

Ms. O’Connell was also ridiculed because of her religious conviction that masturbation was an inappropriate alternative to having sex. Can we please have a list of Liberal Democrats, male and female who have signed on for masturbation.

With regard to the “first lady’s” weight loss advocacy, it might be detrimental to JENNIE CRAIG OR WEIGHT WATCHERS stock averages, if she signed on for commercials. I would like an updated White House menu from a chef who might be trusted and LEGITIMATE daily weIghts from the occupants of the PEOPLE’S HOUSE.


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