Since the phone conversation was captured on tape, it is clear that J. Brown, his wife or one of his entourage called Meg Whitman a whore. Despite this, N..O.W ignored the comment and endorsed Brown. Had this been directed by a Republican against Pelosi or Boxer, the shrieks of horror uttered by this organization would manage to be heard on every Liberal TV talk show. It is amazing how people who are expected to support at least the honor of woman selectively lose their hearing when politics gets in the way. It is business as usual as to the manner in which Democrats run a campaign.

Axelrod on Face the Nation managed to let fly charges that “foreign money” was being infused into the Republican party in support of their candidates. There was no basis in fact for the comment, and the host asked “if that was all he had” to defeat the Republicans. Perhaps Axelrod should check which ever set of books he uses and see how much, if any of Obama’s campaign contributions came from Saudi Arabia and Hamas. One must recall the “confused Al Gore” during his campaign in 2000 when Asian nuns were found collecting Chinese Money for him in a Buddhist Temple. But after all, good ole Al is honest and trustworthy, allegedly being a part of companies buying and selling “carbon credits”. Gore, whom Democrats still bemoan that “Bush stole the election” makes too much noise about the Global Warming fantasy while occupying more than one home of at least 20,000 square feet. One must not forget the huge jets he flies around in. Must be paid from carbon credits.


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