There is no wonder that democrats running for re-election have panicked and avoided any reference to the wondrous Obama social and economic policies in their campaigns. Those who voted for Obamacare and Stimulus and Cap and Trade will not escape knowledge of their support because WE THE PEOPLE KNOW WHO THEY ARE and want them out of Washington no matter what lies they choose to advance. The some 12 freshman democrats in the congress, running for re-election WILL BE TURNED BACK BY A PEOPLE WHO WILL NO LONGER PUT UP WITH THEIR FRAUD. THE SENATE WILL BE RETURNED TO NORMAL.

Those idiots who supported Obamacare will be forced to respond to the administrations waivers given to at least 29 companies and unions who might save up to 2 Million dollars this year, and it goes up each year that they are so waved by “the Secretary”,who has not a clue as to her job description or the toxic effect her decisions will have upon the elderly and ill. AMERICA, THERE IS A DEATH PANEL!!!!




  1. The Deziel Theory says:

    TARP (stimulus) began under Bush. And approximately 18% of Americans support the “Tea Party”. Radical groups (on either side on the conservative/liberal table) don’t succeed long-term. Good luck.

    P.S.: There will not be any death panels.

  2. The Deziel Theory says:

    18% from a CBS and New York Times poll (they even admitted to oversampling Tea Party members). But I guess you don’t see these news outlets as reliable (how Orwellian).

    I think there’s “panic” on both sides. Liberals panic that radical anti-federalists will take over. And Conservatives panic that Liberals will continue to push progressive policies.

    Thank you for turning “Obama” into a noun, verb, adjective, etc. That makes me chuckle. I love made-up words. And I am not a social worker, I actually treat patients in their hour(s) of need and understand medicine. But I’m glad I hit the nail on the head when deeming you a desk jockey.

    Again, I have read the bill. And I will always advocate for more formal education. Maybe you need more than basic A&P?

  3. Farand says:

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