With each passing day, the rules of the abomination called Obamacare seem to change. The changes occur as a result of the foolish rush to pass Obama’s pet project and because of the coming midterm elections. His agenda is the public no-option and he will do and say anything to reach that uncompromising goal. There are a number of companies that hire low pay, part time workers and provide a minimum amount of health insurance. Continuing to do so would be in defiance of the rules of Obamacare. One of these companies (McDonalds) among some twenty-nine reported have requested and received an accommodation relieving them of the obligation to provide, under penalty a complete health insurance package for their workers. It is no surprise that many unions, supporters of both Obama and his health plan have also received exemptions from compliance. When will ALL OF THE LIES CEASE? HOPEFULLY NOVEMBER 2, 2010. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD REJECT ANY FOUL LAW THAT THIS UNWANTED LAME DUCK CONGRESS PASSES BETWEEN NOVEMBER 15 AND JANUARY 20TH 2011.


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