The recent debate in California between Meg Whitman and Brown again revealed what is common knowledge, that democrats will use every sleaze trick in their pocket to gain a victory. California can thank Brown who has been Governor, a Mayor and Attorney General for the role he has played in destroying the economy of that state. Why would any one in their right mind vote him into office over a proven winner in the business world? With regard to the sudden apparent exploitation of the illegal alien housekeeper by her attorney who has exposed her to prosecution and deportation because of possible fraud with regard to fake I.D., Social Security and driver’s license, all of which obtained illegally, one has to assume that it was an attempt to discredit Meg Whitman. Ms. Whitman did everything she could do and by the book, since California and possibly federal law does not allow the firing of an individual based upon immigration status. The female lawyer chose to wave a the letter from S.S around which clearly shows a notion from Whitman’s husband to the housekeeper to please check out the S.S. question of disputed identification numbers. The female lawyer has contributed to the democratic party and has worked with and for Brown in the past. With at least 20% of California’s Hispanic population, legally voting, it would seem that since the housekeeper was Hispanic, this was an attempt to gather more votes for Brown.(Funny thing, Brown doesn’t sound like a Spanish name).) From a legal standpoint the female lawyer has an obligation to protect and provide the best defense for a client she can. In this case it would seem more exploitation than protection. Is this a matter for the California bar to review?


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