The most recent March on Washington which appears to be more of an attack than a peaceful rally got little notice from the biased media since they could not “PHOTOSHOP” (enlarge the number of people) pictures of the numbers who attended, compared to the half-million who attended Glenn Beck’s Return to Honor and Values rally in August. Not only was the October Union fest unruly, it was attended by angry mobs of sign carrying socialists and communists who have come out into the open. The N.A.A.C.P should be ashamed of participating and marching with groups who are no better than the people whose racist past activities resulted in the formation of this once worthy organization of which I once was a member. Some members of the MOB found it necessary to trash the WWII War Memorial. This and the other disgrace is the fact that Obama and his administration somehow condoned these activities, of people, most of whom were bussed into Washington at the expense of the UNION DUES taken out of their hard-earned pay. Perhaps it is time for the rank and file to take a hard look at what the UNION BOSSES are really doing TO THEM and NOT FOR THEM. People who were in Washington during both rallys have attested to the fact that during the Glenn Beck rally, the entire Mall was left clean of any trash. Unfortunately this could not be said of the TRASH that was bussed into Washington put up in hotels and eventually leaving their garbage piled on the Mall and in front of the Lincoln Memorial where the martyred Martin Luther King once spoke of brotherhood and the character of mankind. Apparently nothing he said was applicable to this MOB.


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