Rick Sanchez recently fired from his cable network station for antisemitic remarks usually tolerated by the biased media, deserves to be returned to the unemployment line. ZERO TOLERANCE for this man who showed disdain and disregard for the American people in so many ways. Perhaps he might search his soul and start back from the bottom and see if he has the ability to rise a bit above that level. I have just a modicum of respect for Jon Stewart, who ridicules people just to make himself look good but he did not deserve Sanchez’ uncalled for commentary. The good news is that Stewart is not a LOW A LIFE as is Bill Maher who must see himself an Obama type media hero, but has made no contribution to television, politics or the morality envisioned by the founding fathers. The day that Maher is fired should be welcomed by all of us who see Maher as the biggest waste of paid time on TV.


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