The U.S. Congress has taken yet another holiday from the job they were elected to perform. In essence, their salary, perks, health care, franking privilege, social security, and pension if evaluated by performance and time spent on the job would rate them a F for performance and easily make them the highest per hour non productive worker in this country. Normally, any one in the business world with this record, would have long ago been fired. Recently, 13 workers at Chrysler, drinking and smoking pot on the job (according to video recordings) were fired(for now). This Congress, for the time being controlled by the Democrats has decided to leave Washington without voting on whether or not to extend the Bush tax cuts for all Americans, less they offend their LEFT WING BASE. Obama continues to decry the Americans of wealth. Union representatives have complained that millionaires have too much money. FLASH! THEY EARNED IT.

THE big union march on Washington this weekend will be attended(?) by the rank and file union members or else. OR ELSE THEY COULD LOSE THEIR JOBS? It is no secret that union members were forced to “fall in line” at conventions supporting Obama’s run for the presidency in 2008. Even those members who would neither support of vote for Obama were forced to wear an Obama pin lest they be ostracized or lose their jobs. This information came from a union member who cannot be named. The biased media will report that the attendance is in the millions even if it took place in the midst of a Hurricane. This is the same biased media that essentially ignored the March to Honor our Country and its values on 8/28/2010. WHO IS UNDERWRITING THIS DISASTER? THE TIDES FOUNDATION. EITHER GOOGLE IT OR I REFER YOU BACK TO AN EARLIER BLOG WHERE THIS SUPPORTER OF UN-AMERICANISM HAS BEEN DISCUSSED.


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