It is clear that Liberals will accept anything that Obama, or Gibbs, or Biden or Pelosi or the biased media state as fact without spending time to do some research on their own. Are they just lazy or too stupid to make sure that what they are being fed by Obama et al is real or not? Most people have access to mobile phones or computers where they can find information on just about anything on the internet. One recent example of this idiotic lethargy occurred when an apparently college educated woman called a talk show host informing him that HE WAS UNINFORMED REGARDING THE TAX CUTS GIVEN BY OBAMA TO 98% OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Obama has cut no taxes for anyone. If you look at your energy bills you might find subtle increases because of utilization of portions of what we know as Cap and Trade. These increases which are really taxes have been hidden as riders on other bills this democratic congress has passed. The American people are still enjoying the Bush tax cuts which will expire at the end of the year. They were proposed in a way that if in the event it was needed to have them extended, Congress could do so. If Obama does not allow these tax reliefs to continue, taxes will go up next January. If Obama allows the BUSH TAX PROGRAM to continue, he is not giving the American people a tax cut, he is allowing the present tax cuts to continue. Why is it so difficult for people to comprehend this. Obama’s administration has selectively increased the cost of doing business, increased the cost of health care and has done this and much more without calling it a tax. HE HAS INCREASED THE COST OF EVERYTHING while still blaming Bush and taking no responsibility for himself. If people just took the time to look beyond NBC, CBS,ABC, The NY TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST et al, they might understand what is true and what is just the agenda of the aforementioned.



  1. The Deziel Theory says:

    Full extension of the Bush tax cuts will increase the deficit by $4 trillion. I’m guessing you’re against an increasing deficit, though. Good for you.

    You don’t like the New York Times or the Washington Post? Is there some Pat Robertson pamphlet you prefer instead of well written and analytical journalism?

    Unfortunately, you are a perfect example of someone who “…can find information on just about anything on the internet.” But “” is not quite a reliable source. FYI.

    • I do not support Pat Robertson or the far radical right and don’t believe I have read anything Robertson has ever written. The NY Times is no longer an example of analytic journalism and I have never used any obscenity such as you have regarding Obama, in your failed attempt at sarcasm. Your progressive economics has never worked in the past. Failure of the democrats to extend the BUSH tax cuts will result in a bigger landslide. I am absolutely in favor of not increasing the deficit and wish more people understood its consequences and how it will effect generations to come. Congress including both sides of the aisle, because of their utmost arrogance refuse to understand that theirs is not a job to keep just because they want it. Regarding your last snide, I have the capability of finding information anywhere I need it, and don’t necessarily believe everything I hear or read.

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