This individual we are forced to acknowledge as President, at least until November of 2012, must be aware of so many Democrats, breaking ranks and approving of including all Americans in the extension of the Bush(not Obama) tax credits. Now the hard left will get VERRY UPSET if Obama agrees that everyone, and millionaires (never realized that people earning or grossing over $250,000 were millionaires) are included. The rest of America understands that the people putting pressure on the president (sic) are Socialists/Communists and will do anything to promote the collapse of the American economy, and will object to any process that will interfere in their agenda. Obama had better open his eyes and ears, since the rats are deserting a sinking ship. If he has one bit of decency left, should he not use it to agree to include everyone? AND OBAMA DOES NOT HAVE TO TAKE CREDIT BY CALLING IT THE OBAMA TAX CUTS. At the least, he might fake his support and have Robert Gibbs do a 360 degree spin.


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