Castle of Delaware is refusing to endorse Christine O’Donnell to whom he lost in the recent primary in that state. What is it about the entrenched establishment that makes them believe that they “own” a senate or congressional seat. We saw this in Massachusetts where Scott Brown won a seat that once “belonged to the Kennedys”. Actually, all seats congressional belong to the American people. The incumbents and old time political leaders think too highly of themselves in light of the disasters they and they alone have created along with the President. They refuse to accept the fact that young, fresh new faces might not only replace them but might do some good. It would seem that they, so deeply entrenched in their comfort zones, Republicans and Democrats, alike do not want to give up the perks and benefits they have enjoyed and taken advantage of. THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE YOUNG PEOPLE OF AMERICA. IT IS TIME TO MAKE THEM PART OF THE DECISION MAKING! THE CURRENT CONGRESS AND ADMINISTRATION HAS CREATED A DISGRACEFUL DEBT FOR THEM. LET THEM PLAY A ROLE IN REVERSING THE DAMAGE.


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