A recent TV commercial has depicted a man on a slab in the morgue clutching a hamburger in extremis. Only a third of the burger, specific kind not identified appears to have been consumed The obvious implication since the McDonald’s logo is included in the piece, is that the man consumed a burger and as a result died. Adding to the disgusting ad was a woman, supposedly his wife, depicted as perhaps in a state of distress and grief. It was suggested that PETA was responsible for the ad, but to date that has not been substantiated. In light of recent government interference in restaurants by insisting by law that all calories be listed and Mrs, Obama’s quest to shrink all fat people to a common denominator, we have to wonder if the administration has had any role in the TV attack on McDonald’s. Could this be just another role in governments interference in the lives of the American people. Mind you, I do not advocate for or against McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant. What I do advocate is that government et al get further out of our lives. WHY ISN’T CSI MIAMI,NY, LOS ANGELES OR NCIS SORTING THIS OUT? (I ASSUME THAT SAILORS EAT BURGERS!) Has any one suggested that the burger was not the C.O.D.? Perhaps the deceased looked at the unemployment rate. or how government is spending his tax dollars.



  1. smartdvp says:

    they are trying to consume 🙂

    • The badministration (it was a typo but I left it in) is trying to consume everything. Change the Congress, Change the game plan. Give me more dialogue and or how I can make my blog more politically aggressive. Your feedback is essential. Other than that please refer my blog and posts to people who want/need to bring back more conservative values.

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