Chris Coons will run for the Senate in Delaware against the Tea Party/Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell. Coons is an admitted Progressive and with it he carries all of the baggage that has aligned him with the likes of Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Cloward, Pivens, Alinsky, Hillary Clinton and Obama. One need not delve too deeply into the motives of the Progressives which is not a party but an ideology whose intent is to collapse the economy of the United States and create a socialist state from what has been a country buoyed by freedoms provided by the Constitution and an entrepreneurship that has led to an attitude of YES I CAN. This same YES I CAN , the essence of the Tea Party Movement along with the return to conservative values will turn the tide that will rebuff all of Obama’s socialist/destructive policies. The idiotic charges against O’Donnell, that the democrats have come with are petty and insignificant. Democrats are in a state of panic. They might lose, not only the Congress, but the guarantee that all of their candidates would be sent back to Washington regardless of ability or destructive policies. THE SWAMP REALLY NEEDS A SUPREME PELOSI-TURDECTOMY. The National Republican Committee if it has one single ounce of intelligence must support O’Donnell without question. What is more important…..Republican egos or VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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