It is suddenly eerily quiet on the ground zero mosque confrontation and this observer has to wonder why that is the case. A number of possibilities might be placed under consideration. Information has surfaced that properties or a property owned by the Imam, as landlord, have not met New Jersey standards or taxes on properties have not been paid. Attorney for the Imam has stated that all issues are being attended to. But, what was the impetus for that sudden response? The question of where the monies might come from for this erection on what most Americans believe to be holy ground where many bodies of those murdered on 9/11/2001 have yet to be recovered and probably have become part of the lower Manhattan landscape for eternity. The Imam has suggested that the mosque might be moved with the understanding that decision might anger Muslims. Clearly the only Muslims angered would be Islamic Terrorists who hate us any way. Pressure must be continued to be applied. Placing a mosque at GROUND ZERO will never be accepted by those who died or their families that continue to grieve. Nor will it or has been it accepted by the majority of the American people. New York: SHOW THE GUTS AND RESILIENCE THAT YOU SHOWED WHEN GIULIANI STOOD IN THE ASHES OF THE TWIN TOWERS AND PRESIDENT BUSH LET THE TERRORISTS KNOW THAT THEY WOULD HEAR FROM US LOUD AND CLEAR UNTIL JUSTICE HAD BEEN SERVED.


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