We understand that the majority of Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike would never be invited to a MENSA meeting, but so many of them have evidenced a lack of common sense, intelligence and morality. We also have to deal with a voting public that is easily deceived by promises never meant to be kept, government corruption and fraud that is excused as business as usual or the old standby: YOU CAN’T FIGHT CITY HALL. This misconception has allowed for most of the despicable acts and bills enacted in the 101st Congress. I believe in the checks and balances conceived by the founding fathers, but the only way to avoid Obama’s march to make this country socialist is to vote every decent Conservative and perhaps Moderate Republican into Congress and reject the Democrats who cannot in good concience run on the bills that they passed with supreme arrogance. Incumbent Republicans who ignored their oath of office, cannot get a pass, and they must be removed in favor of party members more fiscally conservative. Any one elected to SERVE THE PEOPLE (this point too often ignored or forgotten) who fails to live up to reasonable campaign promises should be made to forfeit any and all perks and be forced to stand before his or her constituents and answer any and all questions put forth. This should be done at a proscribed place and time with no exceptions and without hoodlums providing interference. Additionally they must take a stand on TERM LIMITS and will not be allowed to vary from their original position. We need a Justice system that is honest and apolitical. We need a Supreme Court that interprets the Constitution fairly and without a defined personal pursuit of “social justice”, and a judiciary that can perform their duties without being corrupt. Media that remains biased to one political party should be considered irrelevant and left to deal with a lack of advertising because the American People will not watch or put up with the Chris Mathews of this world. Elections should be held with the assumption that all with the legal right to voted can vote but once. People manning the desks at the voting booths must be allowed to challenge anyone regardless of race, and must not be intimidated to do otherwise. No one, including the “BLANK” PANTHERS, new or old should be allowed at any voting precinct at any time for any reason. It is up to the police at the various communities to remove them without fear of their jobs. VOTER INTIMIDATION IS NOT A CIVIL LIBERTY AND THE ACLU SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT IF THEY HAVE ONE OUNCE OF DECENCY. Today is September 14. The November election date is not that far away. Educate those who are still ignorant. Keep the pressure on everyone regarding the importance of their vote. Make the Federal Government aware of your insistence that EVERY MILITARY BALLOT BE COUNTED AND INCLUDED. Those BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN FIGHTING FOR YOU AND OUR COUNTRY MUST HAVE A SAY IN THEIR FUTURE.

I have left Pelosi for last because she deserves that place in history. The most despicable, uniformed, ignorant Speaker of the House should be dishonored as she is forced to relinquish her position as third in line to the presidency. Can any one imagine this stupid individual who has stated that the health care bill should be passed so all would know what is in it and unemployment is good since it will stimulate jobs, could possibly become President. The two losers who presently hold the offices of President and Vice President look better but not by much. Pelosi’s SWAMP needs a wholesale cleanup job and unfortunately we have to wait until 2012 to rid this congress of her, but those who presently enjoy the benefits of the swamp; and are running for re-election can be dispensed with in November. It is up to an intelligent, educated and informed electorate to do just that.


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