Sebelius in a snit informed the Insurance Companies in no uncertain terms that they will not be allowed to participate (blacklisted) in the “Insurance Exchange” (whatever that means) if they continue to exercise their right of free speech by telling the public and their consumers that Obamacare will lead to or has already led to a significant increase in the cost of premiums. Telling the truth seems to bother this administration since it is incapable of ding so, and is now demanding that the insurance companies avoid the truth. (SHE WANTS THEM TO LIE). The only ones who would not admit to their ignorance are the administration and the lap-dog democratic congress, none of who had read the bill? Obama wants to infect the internet, and talk radio as well since he cannot tolerate anyone who disagrees with him or his policies. This country was founded basically to rid it of a King and his restrictive rules. Does Obama wish to be the next King? America will set him straight in November and remove him in 2012 so he can earn millions, writing books and giving lame and irrelevant speeches as do Carter and Clinton. Anyone notice the professional low profile George Bush has shown? He is a gentleman. All of the aforementioned are opportunist leeches. OH, WILL THAT PLACE OBAMA INTO THE RICH CLASS WHERE HE HAS TO SHARE HIS WEALTH? DON’T GO TO THE BANK ON IT! AND PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE SIBELIUS WITH SEBELIUS SINCE THE FORMER WAS A MUSICAL GENIUS AND THE LATTER IS A LEFT WING PUPPET OF THE ADMINISTRATION………………………….!

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