Josef Mengele was a German physician who despite his questionable Hippocratic Oath performed despicable acts against Jews, Gypsies, Christians and other peoples designated by Hitler as inferior to the Aryan Race. Obama appointed (avoided following the usual nominating process less he be rejected) Berwick to a position within Obamacare to oversee Medicare and Medicaid. It would appear that he will be the head of a DEATH PANEL that Democrats voted for but never read the Health Care bill that Obama signed (actually an abbreviated summary filled with non legible legalese) and have declared nonexisting. Two Drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of end stage Breast and Prostate Cancer (Avastin and Provenge) may not be covered by Medicare because Berwick has decided that their cost does not justify their use to help people, sadly so afflicted. I would not doubt that if Berwick or any member of his family were diagnosed with prostate or breast cancer, he would do any thing to provide the needed care, regardless of their age or state of disease. Not to suggest that I wish that on him, but perhaps that might be the only motivation for him to reject his euthanasia philosophy for something more humane or then again, he might not.


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