The imam has returned from his world-wide (Middle East) “good will tour” to threaten those who would oppose the mosque he insists will be built near Ground Zero. In an interview last evening on CNN (the unwatchable cable network), imam stated that (paraphrasing) there could be EXPLOSIVE repercussions if he was thwarted in his attempt to construct the proposed DISGRACE so near where 19 Muslims Terrorists MURDERED more than 3000 people. It is interesting that he used the word EXPLOSIVE or EXPLOSIONS since that is the mechanism by which Muslims kill their own people, women and children by virtue of suicide bombings. A number of questions should be raised about this man called imam. Who is he really? Where does he come from and what is his native country of origin. Who funds him, other than our foolish State Department? And lastly, is he a citizen of the United States? Rumor has it that Hillary Clinton has, once again, her sights set on the presidency and might challenge the most inadequate president in U.S. history. Does she sanction what the imam is doing by her silence, and give credence to his tour of the Middle East at the expense of the already struggling American tax payer? Does she deserve to run for president? The American people should reject the mosque, reject the imam and reject his threats. Not doing so would give support to evidence already put forth by Obama to the world, that we are weak, incapable of an immediate response to threats and subjugating ourselves to Islamic Radicals. This country better quickly show the NATIONAL PRIDE that allowed it to destroy the dictators from Germany, Italy and Japan and reject anything that Obama does to give impetus and courage to our enemies.


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