The Imam and Pastor Jones while at opposite ends of the religious spectrum truly have something in common. On the one hand, the Imam stated emphatically that despite opposition, he plans to continue with his plans to build his mosque at GROUND ZERO and perhaps share how it will be funded at a later date. On the other hand, Pastor Terry Jones, in Florida has stated that he will burn one or a number of Korans on Saturday, the 11th of September, the anniversary of the day Muslim Terrorists flew two planes into the World Trade Towers, crashed another into the Pentagon and were prevented from sending another in to the White House by the brave souls who perished in the attempt. The US Constitution which certain people have no use for, in the First Amendment of ten known as the Bill of Rights, guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Search as I did, I found no mention of freedom of burning flags or religious books. However, if this is the interpretation of the Judiciary or the Justice Department, it might be legal, but not necessarily sensible or in everyone’s best interest. I can understand the Pastor Jones’ passion for those 3000 or more people who died on that fateful Tuesday, but cannot understand or agree with his decision to burn the Koran despite his feeling that it is filled with hatred. It shows a lack of sensitivity for the millions of Muslims in this country and the world who do not support the many terrorist factions of Islam. With respect to the Imam, he lacks the same sensitivity for the families of the people who perished. Any one can and apparently did stretch the interpretation of freedom of speech, but doesn’t the burning of the Koran, somehow go against the flavor of freedom of religion. There is nothing to be gained by burning the Koran other than an immediate emotional high that supporters of the Pastor might temporarily experience. On the other hand, the building of the mosque at GROUND ZERO, could be legal and guaranteed by the first amendment depending upon how it is being financed and if any existing tax liens are satisfied, but it is wrong to do so. Many have argued that building it there is the final act of triumph after 9/11. This is not a remote possibility. The Imam now has refined, once again, his intentions of it being a community center for all religions. Personally, I do not believe one word that comes out of his or the developer’s mouth. So, in summation, although perhaps vaguely guaranteed by the Constitution, BOTH ARE WRONG AND INSENSITIVE. The Pastor should not do something that is unChristian, and the mosque should and must be built elsewhere.



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