Someone sent me a quote from Ecclesiastes 10:2 “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left”. It would be rather simple to find Obama a fool in light of all of the past and recent bizarre statements he has made. It is easy to blame him for an agenda, that clearly leads this country into becoming a socialist state. It is not without reason to call him a Communist based upon the people with whom he associates and because he has identified with no religion but Islam to expect him to be other than a Muslim. In a speech on Labor Day ,to members of at least two large unions, to whom Obama owes possibly his election to the Presidency, he appeared to be more Elmer Gantry than Barack Obama, a man still in campaign mode looking for votes. As noted in a previous post, Obama is encouraging the spending of $50,000,000,000 for the purpose helping small business and rebuilding the infrastructure of this country. The initial monies would go to what he has characterized as a bank with Obama et al as the bankers. In such a capacity he would be to spend wastefully as he has already done with an earlier almost $800,000,000,000 in a stimulus that yet holds monies for distribution. The red tape that has encumbered the distribution of money has hampered its reaching those who need it the most. If Obama really had an ounce of interest in shoring up small business, he would remove the oppressive demand for mandatory health coverage, and either lower or remove the capital gains tax. What he has offered as incentive to business to hire more workers will not pay their salaries forcing to seek loans (stimulus?) that banks will not lend them. Can he still tell the difference between LIES and THE TRUTH? We know that his claim that passage of the new bill will not ensure the immediate creation of jobs despite what he says. What prevents the farming out of jobs to overseas facilities? Who will rebuild the bridges and the roads whose length would circle the globe? Obama does not think any of these problems out before he shoots his mouth off. He is looking for a quick fix to save the party he has so badly damaged. No candidate, incumbent, or otherwise would want him on the same stage with them. He has no clue how to repair the damage he and his cohorts have caused and will say, blame and do anything to take America’s mind from the Health Care debacle, the Cap and Trade Bill, the questionable Global Warming, and his disgusting personal expenditures while out of work Americans hurt so badly. How can Americans stand by watching this charade play out, observing and hearing his tirades where everything is about him and not the unemployed, before wondering if there might be something terribly wrong with this man. As time goes on, he evidences increased paranoia despite the big broad smile and tentative laugh. Is it just his thin skin that makes him knee jerk so, or is there something deeper emotionally that should be addressed. After all, the decisions Obama makes affects the World as well as the United States. When he makes a speech such as yesterday he has three or four rows of carefully selected ethnic people standing behind him acting more like bobble head dolls than not. This is his base? They voted for him before. Would they vote for him again? Is tax payers’ money used to pay these people to stand behind him at every exercise or does it come of his pocket? Should he not take public air lines for all of these partisan events? Why do we pay for all of his political excursions around the country? I cannot think of any other president who has taken more advantage of the American people for personal gain. Again I call for an accounting of expenditures.


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