Barack Hussein Obama repeatedly asks the American people to tighten their belts. He has contributed to the 9.6% unemployment (probably double that actually) despite his lies about jobs created and saved. He has done more to destroy the economy of the United States more than any president who preceded him. He is a hypocrite, and a reckless spender of tax payer money. Apparently, on July 19, 2010, he and his family took another vacation, this time to Maine. AirForce One was reportedly overcrowded with his entourage, so a G3 GulfStream was used to transport his Portuguese water spaniel, Bo and Obama’s personal assistant, aide, and body man, all known as Reggie Love, separately. Again using taxpayer money. It has been reported that the latter earns $102,000 per annum. If Bo receives an allowance as FIRST DOG, it is kept under cover. Love is also Obama’s basketball buddy, so I question what portion of our tax money pays for that.

Obama blamed the “FAT CATS” on Wall Street for being too greedy. Some of these so-called fat cats contributed heavily to his campaign. He never laid blame on his democratic cronies, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Chuckie Schumer for their participation in the Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae debacle. We haven’t heard from Schumer lately. How different was Obama’s lack of judgement and experience with regard to his contribution to our economic crisis. He fits well with the three mentioned above. He blames the rich for being rich and demands a redistribution of their wealth but not his. He spends OUR TAXPAYER MONEY as if it belonged to him.

I wonder what the collection of idiots, the misinformed, and groups that have been accused of voting more than once for Obama think about the manner in which he is misusing his office and our/their money. Sadly, I believe they think what ever this man does is “terrific and jus so cool”. Hopefully, the independent voters will assist in removing the Democrats and valueless Republicans from Congress in about 58 days. One would hope that Obama will do no more harm, but don’t hold your breath. Today he flew to the midwest to speak to union groups about a bill promoted as a boon to small business. Union and Small Business cannot be spoken in the same breath, since Union is the antithesis of the latter. He proposes a new 50 billion dollar stimulus for infrastructure and claims that it will put people to work immediately. But, he is not on the same page as his aides who stated that it would not get off the ground for more than a year. Another ploy to fool the people to keep the disgusting incumbents in office. Do not forget “SHOVEL READY” with regard to the first of the stimulus giveaways. The only thing shovel ready was the BS coming from Obama’s mouth. This is all more evidence of chicanery on Obama’s part since he really believes he can get away with anything against the will of the American people. The American people need an accounting of exactly what Obama has spent for personal use, his family and his dog. Exactly what is he allowed to spend?




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