Christina Romer has finally left her “job” at the White House, and hopefully she and the former Budget Director will be just the beginning of resignations by Obama appointed people who have contributed to the economic demise of America. Perhaps the tax cheating Treasury Secretary and the rest of the not so “stellar” economic team will leave as well. Yesterday, Obama spoke of some 60,000 plus jobs created in the private sector, but neglected to mention the 54,000 jobs lost during the same period. While he is not lying as usual, he just continues to tell incomplete truths. Despite making Hillary Clinton Secretary of State and essentially keeping her out of the country for long periods of time except for the recent wedding of her daughter, Obama continues to do more to move her closer to challenging him for re-election in 2012. President Hillary is truly a scary consideration and no alternative to what we now have. Now he has a new “plan” to save the economy without spending “one dime” of tax payers money. He is probably correct since it will most likely cost dollars and not dimes. Predictably, he has prefaced his mini stimulus for small business by condemning Republicans for not going along with plans that they long ago proposed and he rejected. Thank goodness for transparency since Obama’s motives and agenda and inadequacies could not be more transparent. Hopefully Obama aficionados will see the light, realize that he is neither folk hero or rock star and regret their choice in the voting booths in 2008.

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