People all over the United States are preparing for the next impending storm, BARACK-HUSSEIN which is believed to make land fall within the next few weeks. Hot winds are expected to issue forth from Congress with no let up until November 3, 2010 when most of the country will be relieved of the offensive gas that has permeated Washington D.C. since 2006 when Democrats assumed totalitarian control of our country. Hurricane BH, loaded with BS, will attempt to push forth more money AKA stimulus in an attempt to correct all of the damage done by the previous offensive spending. Additionally, there will be an attempt by the lame duck congress to push through more idiotic and of course, not read by any member, legislation such as Cap and Trade. The latter will as BH has already said, “will cause the price of gasoline to go through the roof.” Now this should be no problem since one of the BH CZARS has already suggested that people should live closer to their work, that is if they still have jobs. Unemployment which has been stable and ugly at 9.5% is expected to rise.

BH will attempt to cut a deal with Republicans. He might relent with regard to certain taxes currently in relief via the Bush tax cut if he gets concessions where the “rich” are taxed at higher rates. The Republicans will not agree to this and BH will proclaim them, again, the Party of No and obstructing progress. That will be progress as in Progressivism. This of course will be thought out well in advance by political strategists since the whole point of the process is to play the blame game. Too bad they won’t be able to insert Racism into the strategy, but they may find a way nevertheless.


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