The U.S. State Department, sinking to its lowest level possible has referred Arizona’s recent Immigration Law to the United Nations for evaluation of Human Rights Violations. To refer anything to the corrupt United Nations is a farce. Our country would be better served being out of the United Nations and with the United Nations out of our country. Arizona, forced by an ineffective federal government response to the illegal alien issue that has cost the state millions of dollars in health care, schooling, jobs and need for extra police protection for murders, kidnapping and drug running. Which ever idiot is in charge in the State Department has now trivialized human rights by forgetting the demeaning treatment of women in China and the Middle East, the stoning and execution of women in Saudi Arabia. How does this individual characterize the order of importance regarding the former and what has yet to occur with regard to Arizona police following a law that parallels that of the Federal Government not yet implemented. One must assume that these are Obama appointees and no better than any of his other “classy, cool” choices for government position.


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