Tonight Obama will deliver a well heralded speech on Iraq and possibly Afghanistan. He will conveniently forget his acerbic speeches and votes against the surge, and take full credit for its implementation and success. George W. Bush will not be mentioned unless Obama feels there is blame to be placed on the early conduct of the wars and the dreadful economy to whose demise, he, Obama has made a major contribution. He will again feel the need to make mention of the Ground Zero proposed Mosque, reaffirming his support for the Constitution and freedom of religion. He will, again, not give any evidence of whether he is Christian or Muslim. Obama will promote the so-called jobs saved and created without any evidence or support in favor, and underscore Joe Biden’s recent creative position that the economy is doing just fine. Obama will reverse position with regard to the limited positive effects of any of the stimulus money, stating that he always knew that it would take a long time for any correction to occur. Obama will deride Republican members of Congress stating that they are obstructive and have contributed nothing. He will have nothing to say about extending the Bush tax cuts since he is a narcissistic ideologue. He will avoid mentioning Health Care since the American public wants the bill repealed. There will be an indirect reference to Green things and global warming, but it, as usual will lack substance or proof of its existence. He will credit Jimmy Carter for his recent successful trip to North Korea, but make no mention of the three Americans held in Iran. Obama will completely ignore the fact that 500,000 Americans joined in Glenn Becks Restoration of Honor Rally. Finally, he will state that he looks in the mirror a minimum of 6 times a day asking it “who is the coolest and smartest in D.C?” America, be advised, DO NOT ACCEPT ANY APPLES FROM STRANGERS. NOTE THAT I WOULD BE HAPPY TO BE PROVEN WRONG REGARDING TONIGHT’S SPEECH.

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