It was an amazing sight to see the thousands of people, all representing different religions and ethnic groups massed at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday filling every available space all the way back to the Washington Monument. They spoke of honor, and hope and raised a tribute to our fighting men and woman. One would have to wonder what would make someone protest this, but they did. People from a counter rally under the leadership of Sharpton used epithets and cursed their very brethren who found the need to attend the rally where Martin Luther King gave his famous “I had A Dream Speech”. Attending and speaking at the rally to honor was the Reverend King’s niece. Despite the rally that was free of disention, and filled with hope, the biased media found ways to diminish it by not reporting its existence, reporting an insignificant attendance, or finding it necessary to rant in some maniacal fashion. People like Chris Mathews realize that the American people are fed up with Obama’s leadership but refuse to admit it, but the truth will out and people like Mathews have become irrelevant, and they will fade from the airways because no one will want to listen to their angry diatribes. Even the less offensive liberal news people (and few in number) will still have an audience and might be soon counted among Obama’s unemployed Americans as the percentage increases, and it shall (sic). Even Obama(n.n) gave a nodding commitment that he was aware that the rally even took place, so painful it must be for the president of the United States to be losing face and the confidence of the people who elected him. The angry mob protesting the rally whether at Sharpton’s counter rally along with the mumbling of some perhaps disturbed news people were viciously attacking the principles of HOPE FAITH and CHARITY. It would seem that they have nothing left to speak about, but I guess Sarah Palin will still be fair game. The ANGRY people will not be found among the TEA PARTY ACTIVISTS. They are in out government. They are in our Senate and House of Representatives, and they fill the airways with their venom from their seats, safely behind desks in some Liberal, Biased Newsroom. They have already run out of ideas. They will soon run out of GAS as well.



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  2. Be advised that this an unsatisfactory response to my political blog. I am deleting it. You will not like it, but I expect legitimately replies both pro and con to this blog that clearly is not a vehicle for what ever it is you are promoting for profit.

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