An intermediary school in Colorado has chosen to provide condoms to children age eleven years. The report did not specify that they would be given only to boys, so one must assume they will be provided to girls as well. I wonder if the children will be given a choice of French Tickler vs. a more utilitarian condom, since pharmacies seem to have an array of packaging on display. Apparently “some” of the parents have approved the position taken by the school. Frankly, I believe the report to be incomplete since there has been no breakdown as to the ethnic groups most affected by the unwanted pregnancies noted by school officials. Additionally, it would be important to know which parents have found the school position acceptable. As usual, these decisions are made to affect all people regardless of need or desire by people with an agenda. Is it possible that providing condoms will condone 11 year old’s having sex rather deterring it. Perhaps more parenting is in order.


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