Yesterday in New Orleans, Brian Williams, one of NBC’s biased commentators interviewed Obama(n.n.) who has journeyed yet again to remember, (commemorate?) Hurricane Katrina. It seems that this president can only take credit for what he believes his HIGHS are and blame everyone else for his LOWS (of which there are so many). After listening to the interview from start to finish, one has to wonder if it was all rehearsed before hand. There was a slight suggestion of a hard question by Williams when he asked Obama(n.n) about his religion, but he felt the need to preface it with the statement that “most Americans know you (Obama) are an American born Christian”. Obama(n.n) was unable to respond with a direct answer waltzing around with unintelligible blabber, never stating whether he was a Christian or Muslim. Actually, the majority of Americans do want to know what religion he prefers and many do believe he is a closet Muslim. Although Williams did not ask about his birthplace, Obama offered that the American people did not care about that and nor did he have time to dwell on it, since he was so occupied with the office of the presidency. I think he actually spends more time on AirForce One and going on vacation. When Williams asked sweetly about the economy, Obama responded that he knew it would take a long time to respond in a positive fashion. That was not the message he gave pre-recent vacation when he spent tax payer money on his jaunts around the country to promote candidates, and the “phenomenal affect the stimulus was having.” Unemployment is at 9.5% and is expected to rise. Now Biden in his parallel world does not seem to agree with Obama’s most recent statement of how the economy is doing. Can any one out there tell me if Williams and Obama hugged and kissed at the conclusion of the interview?


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