It has been revealed that, if built and does qualify, the proposed mosque can receive 70,000,000 in tax relief. This would not be illegal as a “non-profit” religious building, but certainly offensive. Let this building not be built as proposed and stain for ever the memories of those 3000 people murdered by Terrorist Islamists. The developer, apparently Brooklyn born to a Catholic father, met with people already praying in the building in an attempt to raise money. In a 60 Minute segment to air tomorrow evening, the developer has stated that moneys raised will not come from Hamas, or Iran. He neglected, however, mentioning Saudi Arabia which reportedly has funded other mosques in the U.S. If you recall a minimum of 17 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia. It is also note worthy that this individual not too long ago was a waiter in an upscale restaurant. One must question how he raised the money to buy the properties he has acquired. The TIPS MUST HAVE BEEN EXCEPTIONAL.


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