In July 2009, three young Americans, Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were arrested by the Iranian Government, charged with spying for the United States. The only crime they committed was to foolishly venture across Iran’s border when hiking. They have remained in an Iranian jail since then, during that which their families have been permitted one visit.

Unless our government “led” by Obama is working secretly for their release, there has been no suggested evidence that it is the case. In the recent past, former President Clinton journeyed to North Korea to obtain the release of two Asian woman who worked for Al Gore. Yesterday J.Carter returned from North Korea with a black educator who was given his release after being charged with espionage having crossed the border from South Korea.

There appears to be little being done to effect the release of the three white Americans held for more than a year by Ahmadinejad and his anti-American government. Obama has put no pressure on that government to achieve their release.

If the three Americans held by Iran were not white, tremendous pressure would have been applied to our government by the Leftists and Liberal media to DO THE RIGHT THING according to them. Where is the compassion and conviction of our government regarding the captive Americans? Obama remains mute while he takes vacations with his child. The three Americans also have parents concerned about their dire situation. It is time that Obama tends to business, that is if he has any scope of leadership. To date he has shown little or none regardless of the situation presented to him. EXPEDITE THE RETURN OF OUR AMERICANS TO THEIR FAMILIES!



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