The mayor of New York City presumably is not actively seeking re-election to the office he currently holds, so what might be the reasons that he has caved into the wishes of terrorists hiding under the guise of a peaceful religion. He, like our erstwhile “christian” president, found the need to cater a Ramadan dinner at Gracie Mansion, normally home of NY mayors, but not this one. We must wonder why he did not invite them to his chic apartments digs across town. So many Americans have expressed suspicions about Obama’ s Muslim leanings, so it would seem reasonable, based upon recent statements that Bloomberg, a Jew, that some people may also believe Bloomberg to be a “closet muslim”. Does the mayor, aware of the threats against a Danish cartoonist and the murder of a Dutch movie maker, fear that if he does not embrace the muslims and not favor, as did Obama, the mosque site at GROUND ZERO, he might anger some of the terrorist muslims. These same peace-loving muslims embrace Sharia law as does their leader the Imam Feisal. I find the need to remind you all again that this terrible man is on a tour of the Middle East at the expense of the American taxpayer. Having lived in Massachusetts for many years, Bloomberg chose to come to NY and make his fortune. Perhaps all of the bad things attributed to Massachusetts had some effect upon him. Some three thousand Americans and foreign nationals lost their lives when the Twin Towers were attacked by Saudi nationals. Many died on impact. So many were burned alive. Too many jumped from the heights of those buildings having no other choice. Bllomberg lacks compassion, incite and empathy for the people who were murdered and the families still in mourning. Mayor, you rub salt into their wounds by supporting the mosque for reasons that make no sense. Does this mayor really believe that the muslums and their terrorists friends will like us any more if the mosque is allowed to be built? The only reason for the muslims to build the mosque at that site is to declare a FINAL VICTORY in support of the murders that occurred on 9/11/2001. THE MAYOR OF NEW YORK SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF AS A MAN, A NEW YORKER, A JEW AND AN AMERICAN.



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