Three thousand innocent people were murdered by Islamic Terrorists on 9/11/2001. They remain the real victims of this tragedy despite the fact that there are those Liberals who are trying to make Muslims the victim in an attempt to justify the ill-conceived idea to build a mosque at the World Trade Center ruin. It is immaterial whether the structure is to be built a few feet or a few hundred yards from this now sacred ground which is a resting place for some many never recovered souls. The politicians have responded for various reasons. Reid of Nevada in danger of losing his Senate seat is going against the “politically incorrect” president, only to perhaps gather up a few more votes. It is noted that Schumer and Gillibrand, both of whom should be removed from the Senate have remained silent on the matter, not wishing to offend anyone except the families of the firemen, police and others who lost loved ones on that day. Peter King has been continually outspoken against the building of the mosque. The Imam and his followers are not the victims by any sense of the imagination unless you are a foolish Liberal Democrat who sees everything as political and a means to improve their finances by remaining in office. Obama’s complete insensitivity regarding the matter stands out, again as a sign of to whom he really owes allegiance. It is not to the American people nor to those who lost their lives on 9/11. This President continues to reveal on a daily basis his inability to provide leadership because of an agenda formulated by him so many years in his developing years from his schooling in Indonesia to his association with the crass politicians of Chicago. Governor Patterson offered to provide State land for the mosque at another location, but Obama remained mute on that offer. Not only are we making the Imam and his followers the new victims, our tax money is being used by him on a so-called fact finding mission to the middle east which is likely just another excuse to gather Arabic money and pay homage to the Saudi King for Obama. The endeavor has been sanctioned by our State Department. It has been suggested in recent blogs and videos that Obama’s rise in politics and to the presidency was orchestrated by the Saudis and that Obama’s bow was an example of his obeisance to the King of Saudi Arabia whose moneys may also have provided the means for his education at Columbia and Harvard. This is a country of oil wealthy hypocrites have no remorse about ill treating their women,or drinking alcohol and seeking out high-priced whores when they are out of their own country.

Obama has disregarded the fact that 64% of Americans do not want the mosque built at Ground Zero. Obama has in general disregarded the American public’s refusal to accept the Health Care Bill, Cap and Trade, and Global warming. The American people, not just the Tea Party advocates, know that Obama has done more to destroy our economy than Jimmy Carter. They understand that Obama has no real plan to improve unemployment since it does not fit into his Cloward and Piven plan. The question now is how far will he go to undermine Israel to promote his Muslim religious associations. This should be a concern to all people and not just American Jews, most of whom were misguided in their acceptance of him as HOPE and CHANGE. There has been NO HOPE. Unfortunately there has been a LOT of CHANGE for the WORSE!



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