It is one thing for the President or any members of the Congress to legitimately use government conveyances for government business, but it is another matter for him or them to use our tax money that he/they continue to steal, for the purpose of supporting incumbents who have little chance to return to Congress after November. This is yet another misuse of the public funds for personal and political reasons. Obama went to his low life friends in Hollywood who were able to raise $1,000,000 for his efforts. I would think all or some of that money could be used to pay for the President’s jaunt across the country as well as his wife’s recent trip to Spain. Obama is a micro-manager and not a good one and a poor meddler in the business of the American people. Now he will take a unearned vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. Time he spent more effort solving the economic crisis and unemployment glued to his desk. Come to think of it, he does such a rotten job in general, perhaps he should stay on permanent vacation. I hear Kenya is lovely this time of year.

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